By now any schoolboy knows that programming is the process of creating programmes using a specific language for different kinds of programmes. Do we know everything about programming? Sometimes, some established claims are just myths, and we are willing to disprove them. There is an opinion that programmers may become very clever and well aware of the intricacies of working with software, people with a mathematical turn of mind. But programmers are not born, and anyone can learn the basics of programming, you just want to. And it is even quietly studied at school. As for what form of training is convenient to you, full-time or part-time, or maybe distant - it depends on your capabilities. To tell the truth, learning to program is relatively easy, but to do it professionally, you need to make every effort and diligence. We want to disprove another myth: there is no time or money for training. But always can help the Internet. This video, and forums, and ready-made sites, and webinars, all you can read, watch and hear at any convenient time for you and completely free of charge. Many people begin to study and then give up because they think it is boring and incomprehensible. In fact, the work of a programmer is a very interesting creative process, and if some other profession tires with its monotony, the programmer never gets bored, here you can realize a lot of your ideas and ideas. It is very difficult at first to decide on the programming language. Today there are low-level and high-level languages. Some of the popular languages include Java, C++, Python, PHP, VisualBasic, JavaScript, Pascal, C#, Delphi and others. Pick any one you can think of and start learning it. It's very handy and useful to start with making websites. This and practical work, and here it is easier to learn the specifics of several languages. In the future, such practice will help more quickly in choosing a profession. But even if you create a website, you can not consider yourself a programmer, even if you master HTML and css, because HTML is not a programming language, but only a "hypertext markup language" and css is a cascading style sheet that controls the appearance of the markup content. Some people have fears of not keeping up with progress, and without the support of a tutor or helper there is little motivation to keep learning.

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