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Here's a substitution that briefly surprised me. It makes sense once you understand what is going on.
subs(true = false, proc() local i; for i to 3 do true; end do end proc);
           proc()  end proc
The input box for the email reply box is too short, either 4 or 5 lines. Consider increasing it to something reasonable.
Congratulation to Jacques on quickly passing the 600 mark. His time from 500 to 600 was impressively short. Just a brief note on stuff I've worked on over the weekend. A pretzel-based prettyprinter for Maple is working reasonably well. It inputs Maple source code and returns LaTeX macros. The prettyprinter handles line breaks, indentation, and uses user-configurable LaTeX macros to typeset keywords and operators. Currently I've gone overboard substituting symbols for operators, for example, instead of "A union B" it outputs "A \cup B"; that will be configurable. Haven't figured out ho

The Cartesian product of a sequence of m lists L1, ..., Ln, with list i having ni elements, is given by the sequence of Πi ni lists [L11,...,Lm1], ..., [L1n1,...,Lmnm], where Ljk is the k-th element of the j-th list.

While numerically testing a solution for the February 2007 IBM Ponder This challenge I had to generate a large n×2 Array of random floats uniformly distributed in [0,1).

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