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As the title states, the pre tag should act like a LaTeX verbatim environment. For those not accustomed to the Joys of TeX, a verbatim environment duplicates the enclosed text. I thought that that was what the pre tag, however, that doesn't appear to be the case. That is, less-than signs (<) in a pre "environment" muck up the html. This makes it quite inconvenient to post snippets of maple code; we have to replace `<' with `&gt;', not particularly convenient. For example,
    if x<y then true fi
end proc:
is rendered, more or less, as
During my stay in Los Angeles last week, I visited a nephew of mine and noticed that he had solved several of the Sudoku puzzles that appear daily in the LA Times. Not interested in solving a particular problem, I instead thought about how to solve this generally in Maple. Here is a pdf describing my solution and a maple file that implements it. I slightly generalized the problem, allowing any m×m grid.
Click the "How do I..." link under "Popular Places" (left side of Maple Primes website). Now click "Experienced Users How do I Forum". This goes to the newbie link, not the experienced users' forum. Also, fix the (varied) misspellings of "Users'". You could just eliminate the apostrophe and few will notice (the link to "forum" is distant and one could argue that the possessive isn't really applicable), but to be precise (I think) go with "Users'".
Because all versions of Maple for linux share a common user initialization file, ~/.mapleinit, this file must provide a means to branch if specific customization is desired for different versions of Maple. I've come up with a flexible, if slightly complicated, scheme for handling this.
I hadn't carefully read the puzzle conditions of the Kopf und Kopf puzzle mentioned by Thomas Richard, I didn't realize that the digits had to be unique. He asked for a hint on how to handle that with my recursive method. The idea is simple, add a parameter (to the recursive procedure) that supplies the available digits. I've attached the code that does this. This would have been a response, rather than a separate blog entry, however, there does not appear to be a way to add attachments to a response.
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