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Thomas Richard posted a brute force solution to the variant of the IBM "Ponder This" challenge. However, it isn't truly a brute force technique; though the coding is elaborate, the selection is straightforward. Finding the maximum value for that variant is quite easy, it can be done in your head. Here's a straightforward, non-recursive code that returns the maximum number meeting the conditions.
It would be convenient if the subscripted version of type/integer could handle infinity and -infinity. Then, to specify an integer greater than, say, 1, we could do type(i, integer[2..infinity]). Currently I handle this as type(i, And(integer,Range(1,infinity))) which is not as nice, particularly because it isn't clear that 1 is excluded. The drawback of doing this is that it implies that infinity is allowed. However, because infinity is not an integer, it seems reasonable that it would return fals
The IBM Research August 2005 Ponder This challenge is out. The attached 11 line Maple procedure solves it in just under 2.5 seconds. Don't look at my solution if you want to do this yourself.
The standard Maple worksheet uses color to distinguish elements. This is convenient when viewed on the screen, however, when printing to a monochromatic printer, colored text frequently is too light. I prefer to have it printed as dark black. This tip describes one way to do that. The technique is to apply a previously created style file that specifies all the fonts as being black. The easiest way to do this is to first create a user style file that has has your default settings, then manually edit this file to change the foreground color of all fonts to black. You could manually change the colors using the Maple Format -> Styles submenu; however, doing so is more work than editing the file in an external editor.
Previously I described how to change the default zoom setting for the Maple gui by modifying the appropriate initialization file. Another useful setting to change is the default background color of the help browser. This is done by modifying, in the initialization file, the line HelpBGColor=. I set it to HelpBGColor=240 240 240, that gives a light gray background that is less harsh on my eyes. The three fields should be integers from 0 to 255; they correspond to the red, green, and blue components of the color.
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