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The latest version of the Iterator package is now available at the Maplesoft Application Center.  It provides a new export, MultiPartition, extensions to existing exports, and options to most exports for transforming the output to a more desirable form. The help pages have been improved, with some hopefully interesting examples.  Here is one, showing how it can be used to write a procedure for solving a generalized ...

Maple 16 introduces the ?ModuleIterator method, which can be assigned in a module so that it can be used  in a for-loop, or in the seq, add, and mul procedures.

ModuleIterator should return two procedures.  The first (referred to as hasNext) is a predicate that returns true if the iterator is not finished.  The second (referred to as ...

N.B. The MaplePrimes site elided everything past the bullet list, which included more description and links for obtaining the package.  It appears as though bullet lists break MaplePrimes, so this is going to be a bit out-of-order.

This new debugger uses a client/server architecture.  Communication with Maple is via TCP. This permits remote debugging as well as concurrent debugging of multiple Maple processes.  That is useful for comparing different...

Over the weekend I was attempting to estimate the tension change in a bicycle spoke due to an applied load.  After various simplifications and approximations, the problem was reduced to the following.

Given a constraint, F(x,y) = 0, and functions G(x,y) and H(x,y), find dG/dH at a particular point, here (0,0). 

The constraint, F, was sufficiently complicated that solving for either variable was not feasible, so implicit differentiation seemed the best... is a rewrite of the Syrup package, an electric circuit solver for Maple.  It reads either a SPICE-like syntax, or a compact ladder notation.This update runs on Maple 15. I've added a few features, such as the ability to export to Modelica, which can be used with the ?MapleSim product.  Also added are two new controls,

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