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These are Posts that have been published by Joe Riel includes a Maple archive and help data base that implement the SHA algorithm (SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512).  The implementation is interpreted Maple, so will be considerably slower than a compiled routine, but these should be fast enough for likely uses in Maple.  For example

CodeTools:-Usage(SHA("The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog", 512));
memory used=502.00KiB,...

The June edition of the IBM Ponder This website poses the following puzzle:

Assume that cars have a length of two units and that they are parked along the circumference of a circle whose length is 100 units, which is marked as 100 segments, each one exactly one unit long.

A car can park on any two adjacent free segments (i.e., it does not need any extra maneuvering space).

The upload utility does not allow extension .mpl, which is ubiquitous for Maple script files.  I could change the extension to .txt, but that is annoying (I never name Maple script files .txt).  As a workaround I can and do zip the file.

When mucking around with my Maple setup, I occasionally find it useful to check various kernelopts settings.  To simplify this task, I wrote the simple kerneloptsall procedure, which prints all the (useful) values of kernelopts:

(**) kerneloptsall();
ASSERT                    = false
assertlevel               = 0

Using the Open Maple application program interface (API), the ExternalCalling module, a C compiler, and some basic understanding of the Maple data structure format, you can create Maple utilities that run nearly as fast as Maple builtin procedures.

To show how this is done, I will start with a simple example and then proceed to a slightly more complex procedure that improves ?ListTools[SearchAll]

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