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When replying to a reply, the text that is displayed is not the immediate reply, but rather the very first response.  This is rather annoying; I have to open a separate tab just to see what I am responding to.

Here, using the toolbar, I attempt to enter x-squared, using the superscript button: x. It shows up fine when I type this, but I don't see the raised 2 in the post.

I get what appear to be redundant email notifications from MaplePrimes.  Possibly an email is sent whenever anything changes in a thread to which I have responded, however, I'd prefer to get emails only if a response has been edited or a new response added.  That is, I don't need an email for a thumbs up/down addition (if that is the cause). Could that be added as a configuration option?

A user recently asked how to find the set of indices corresponding to a given value of a two-dimensional Array.

There are several ways to handle this problem.  For  a single value, a simple scan through the Array suffices:

FindIndices1 := proc(A :: Array, val)
local i,j,irng,jrng;
    (irng,jrng) := rtable_dims(A);
    {seq(seq(`if`(A[i,j]=val, [i,j], NULL), i=irng), j=jrng)};
end proc:

With a multi-core machine, the ...

Jacques' post on the maple.vim project spurred this post.  Vim users cannot have all the fun.

About a year ago I wrote an Emacs front-end for the Maple debugger.  I've used it since---it is now my primary debugging tool for Maple code.  What it does is allow stepping through interpreted Maple code in an Emacs buffer.  That is, rather than being presented with a single line of...

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