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While reviewing code the other day, I came across the following snippet (here converted to a procedure).

Ds := proc(V::set, n::posint, t)
local i,v;
    {seq(seq((D@@i)(v)(t), i=1..n), v in V)};
end proc:

The purpose of this is to generate a set of derivatives at a point of a set of unassigned names. For example


The Maple ?Compiler can compile a limited subset of Maple commands to native code. The result is substantially faster than running interpreted Maple code. This article shows how you can save a compiled procedure for reuse.

When a Maple procedure is compiled, a shared object library (dynamic-linked library for Windows) is created on the file system, as a temporary file.  When the Maple...

A MaplePrimes member recently asked me how to sort two sets, using the permutation of one to sort the other.  For example, given the list

L1 := [3+I, I, 2, -1, 5, 4]:

sort it according to its magnitude and then permute the second list

L2 := [a, b, c, d, e, f]:

in the same manner.

I've created a Maple help page, saved in a small hdb file, that describes the hierarchy of Maple's numerical types.  Insert it into the path assigned to ?libname.  Access the help page with ?numer-hier. To make it compact, I took some liberties with the notation.  Here is what it looks like

A Frequent Answers section of MaplePrimes, where users can contribute detailed answers to issues that frequently arise, would be useful.  Responders to typical posts could then add a link to the appropriate answer rather than having to recreate it each time.  Note the suggested title; that seems superior to the more usual Frequently Asked Questions because, quite often, the question is not being asked.  For example, a common problem is using ?sum when ?add should be used.  The corresponding entry might explain why this is an issue, give examples where each

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