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A few years ago I wrote a tool, mgrep, for searching Maple repositories;  download The zip file includes the noweb source (mgrep.nw), however, it is missing some of the files needed to rebuild the documentation—I will add them later when I bring an old drive back online.  You should not, however, need to rebuild the documentation (mgrep.pdf) because it is included along with the shell-script (mgrep) and gawk file (mgrep.awk).  To use the tool you will need to install mgrep and mgrep.awk in a directory in your path.  The --help option prints a brief help page.

Here I use mgrep to partially explore a question that  acer poses, that, whether % may be usefully employed in a Maple procedure. A reasonable start is to see whether it is so used in the distributed Maple library.  First I go to the lib subdirectory of the Maple installation, then call mgrep to search maple.mla for all procedures that use % as a name

I noticed that highlighted text in a recent submission of mine was changed to hyperlinks to Maple help pages, which is much nicer. Is there a convenient way that I can do it myself?  Ideally that would entail selecting the name and then clicking a "make link to Maple help page" button (i.e. it should be just as easy as making it bold text, which is what I originally did).

The maplev emacs mode provides a means to communicate to the tty (command-line) maple process.  Alas, the method is rather crude; I designed it that way because it was all I knew how to do.  However, I would really like to improve it; I'm looking for advice. 

How do I send a message to the author of an entry?  Presumably I can click the "Send message" link in the Navigation pane on the left side of this website, however, doing so means that I have to first figure out what the "handle" is for the person I want to contact.  Previously there was a "send message to author", or something equivalent, link in each of the posts; has that gone away?

I recently discovered a minor variation on the technique of building a set using a table. The purpose for using a table rather than inserting new items directly into a set is that, in a loop, the latter technique is O(n) rather than O(n).  The way I would normally do this is to assign a counter and an empty table, and then, in a loop, compute the new element, increment the counter, and insert the element into the table at the counter index.  For example,

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