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The Standard GUI has an option (Tools -> Options -> General -> Browser) for configuring an installed web browser.  The GUI uses that for its own purposes (for example, clicking on an error message opens the browser at a related Maplesoft site).  Is it possible for the user to access the configured web browser from within Maple, using Maple code?

How can the ?DifferentialGeometry package be used to apply a vector (derivative) to a scalar?  I thought Hook might be used here, but I don't know that there is a way to express a scalar as a 0-form.  Consider

Hook(D_x, x^2);
Error, (in DifferentialGeometry:-Hook) expected 2nd argument to be a differential form or bi-form. Received x^2

Occasionally I want to restrict a search of MaplePrimes to posts from a specific user.  Is that possible?

How do I insert a hyperlink with this new site?  The link icon on the toolbar is grayed-out.

I would like to split a polynomial into even and odd terms. Has this capability been provided in a package? PolynomialTools seems the obvious choice, but doesn't do this. Here's one approach
SplitPolynomialEvenOdd := proc(poly::polynom(anything,v), v)
description "return the even and odd parts of a polynomial in v";
local p;
    p := collect(poly,v);
    if p::`+` then
        return selectremove(t -> degree(t,v)::even, p);
    elif degree(p,v)::even then
        return (p,0);
        return (0,p);
    end if;
end proc:

SplitPolynomialEvenOdd(x^2 + 3*x + 1, x);
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