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Ways to Instill a Positive Money Mindset 2022 Ways to Instill a Positive Money Mindset. Many of us know what we’re supposed to do when it comes to basic money management spend less than we earn, save an emergency fund, and invest for retirement. However, establishing good habits is always easier said than done. Money management, like many important things in life, requires discipline. And discipline isn’t a natural mental state for every day. Add to that the guilt and shame that some of us carry when it comes to finances, and you have a recipe for money management misery. Or, at least, a sense of why the “ostrich approach” can seem more appealing than tackling underlying issues. But, as appealing as it may seem, there is not a single financial guru advocating the ostrich approach as a means to achieving financial fitness! In fact, going that route will only serve up more guilt and shame in the long run. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple steps you can take to move from negative feelings and lack of discipline to a positive money mindset and great habits.

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