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I would like to simplify the following (very simple) expression:

e1:= -(b*(b^2 - 4*a*c)^(1/2) - 4*a*c + b^2)/(2*a*(b^2 - 4*a*c)^(1/2))

whis is exactly equal to

e2: = -(b + (b^2 - 4*a*c)^(1/2))/(2*a)

But the "simplify" command is not able to produce expression "e2". Is there any general way how to enforce simplifying to get expected result?

Could someone explain to me why the Maple online help pages (see here) are still apparently matching the Maple 2021 release for the past few years? Does this mean that all the information on the Maple online help pages is out of date, or just this one specific page is terribly out of date?

> int((1 - x)^r*(-2*x + (-2 + x)*log(1 - x))/(2*x*log(1 - x)^2), x = 0 .. 1) assuming 0 <= r

(int((1 - x)^r*(-2*x + (-2 + x)*log(1 - x))/(2*x*log(1 - x)^2), x = 0 .. 1) assuming (0 <= r))

Expected result is:

1 + r - r * ln(1 + r) - 1/2 * ln(2 * Pi * (1 + r)) + lnGAMMA(1 + r)


The Physics Update package install or upgrade via cloud is not working now. See the error code:

Fetching package "Physics Updates" from MapleCloud...
ID: 5137472255164416
Version: 1183
URL: https://maple.cloud

File size is 5148672 bytes(4 MB).

Installing package...
PackageTools:-Install("/tmp/cloudDownload17017141919364770870/Physics+Updates.maple",overwrite=true,pkgname="Physics Updates");

ERROR: The package could not be installed.
error PackageTools:-Install, "this package is intended to work with Maple %1; it can not be installed in the version you are using -- %2", "2022", "2021"

Same problem on Maple 2021 and Maple 2022 (linux and windows version).

Any help?

I am using Maple 2021.2 on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS. Sometimes the Maple after start does not show Sig in part of top Maple desktop panel. So I need to restart Maple and 2nd or 3rd start is mostly OK. After that is the situation for some time good.

See attached snapshot... Any idea what is wrong?

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