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@Christian Wolinski Obviously, Maple offers a lot of ways to "simplify" my expression. Thanks!

@C_R  Yes, I have the same experience. Maple help does not provide good guidance to find the fact, that the "evala" is the proper function to simplify my expression :)


Thanks! So, user should always experiment with many possible ways ...

I understand that Maple does not know what equivalent expression is expected by user, but this case is so simple. I am a bit surprised.

@Christopher2222 Any news from Maplesoft support regarding Maple on-line help?

@Preben Alsholm OK... It's nice to know your personal reason for deleting my answer.

A few additional and final questions:

1. What is wrong with choosing one's own answer as the best in the absence of any other answers? Basically, this opportunity is open to anyone. If this is a bad habit, turn this option off.

2. What is irrelevant about my deleted answer? I'm just replying that Maplesoft is obviously ignoring all the current information about the terribly outdated Maple online help. That is all!!!

3. It is truly alarming that some highly respected people are willing to delete anything that does not align with their personal philosophy. Is the fact that Maplesoft hasn't updated the online help for almost 2 years ok with you?

4.So this isn't abuse, am I right?

OK ... somebody highly reputed deleted my answer!? Is that really common practice here?

I just comment the situation, that after week of escalation of the problem still no progress with outdated on-line help :(

What I did so wrong ... to be deleted???

@Carl Love in a case (1+... ) > 1 the supremum is Infinity. 

@Preben Alsholm But definitely answer "0" is not a right response for unrestricted case!!!

More sophisticated answer by MMA:

In[1]:= Maximize[(1 + 20230321)*x*y - (x^2 + y^2)/2, {x, y}]
Maximize::natt: The maximum is not attained at any point satisfying the given constraints. 
Out[1]:= {\[Infinity], {x -> Indeterminate, y -> Indeterminate}}

Another bug from many, many ... others :(

Is there any serious reason to trust any of Maple's results?

Maple needs to be a reliable tool for symbolic math, not a bug-finding quiz...

@Christopher2222 same problem on the Ubuntu 22.04 and Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon desktop

@Carl Love This sentence in particular is very telling:

"However, for you to call it abuse is abusive, and the only reason that I'm not even more annoyed by your Question is that perhaps you thought that this was an official customer-support channel rather than a public forum. If you show disrespect to acer again, I'll delete it."

Nobody here shows any kind of disrespect!

@Scot Gould I can confirm that! Maple web-based help is outdated since 2021?! 

@tomleslie Or I can flip through the printed version of the manual, right?


"I find it hard to believe that the online help pages could have gone through all of 2022 without being updated." 

I can't believe it either!!!

@Christopher2222 Same situation on Windows ...

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