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My title is Chief Evangelist for Maplesoft. I interpret that as “the guy who’s been around forever”. I started my professional Maplesoft career in 1989 as a contractor trying to earn money to feed my grad student habits, like eating and visiting my parents. Before that I was introduced to what was then referred to as the Maple programming language and to my surprise, Maple immediately helped me figure things out in my courses and more importantly it made me look smarter in front of potential grad supervisors. That’s how the love affair began.

Since then I’ve held various senior positions including Vice President of Marketing and Market Development. I’ve witnessed the transformation of this company from a start-up doing something strange called “computer algebra” to a well-recognized, leading solutions company with a growing and ever diversifying user community. I’m even more thrilled at the fact that so much of our new achievements are in the world of engineering modeling and simulation which was my specialization in University.

I did my degrees at the University of Waterloo. My Bachelor and Master’s degrees were in Systems Design Engineering and my PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in surface modeling for CAD systems. Along the way, I dabbled in control systems, physical systems modeling, and computer-assisted education. I still stay connected to the academic world through my position as Adjunct Professor in Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, and as a member of the Board of Governors, Renison College affiliated with the University of Waterloo.

I was born in Seoul South Korea but raised in Toronto, Canada. I moved to Waterloo, Canada to attend university and never left. I tell the Maplesoft people that it’s because of the company but it’s because I met my wonderful wife Dr. Sharon here :-)

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will pass this request on to the Development group at Maplesoft. Cheers. Tom 4
Main benefit would be that we can summarize if we have specific fields. For things like the top 3 list it'll actually be statistical evidence of one thing or another. For fav mathematicians, it's more of a fun thing ... 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Hilbert ... what do you think? type thing. I'm not stuck on my suggestions. Main thing is to soften the tone and bring out some fun. Sometime next week, we can conclude this. T4.
It's fixed now. Previous worksheet had spaces in name and the system didn't like it (likely a bug ... Will's looking into it). T4.
I'm guessing that the mathML doesn't work ...
I'm tending to agree ... at this point, it's probably premature to have this in ... unless it's a bit more discreet, it may not serve a useful immediate purpose. T4.
i'm presuming there is no copyright or trademark associated with that little symbol. is an "opt-in" model better than an "opt-out" model? T.
suggestions on aesthetics reflect personal opinion. Will and I will discuss your suggestions. Off the top of my head, I agree or kinda agree with 1. 2. 5. For 3. and 4. we'll need to stew on this a bit. Thanks for the comments. T.
this should be feasible and will be considered ... T4.
hmm ... unfortunately, the worksheet is not supposed to be blank ... I'll try to figure it out tomorrow. Thx. T4.
I think this is a very valid and importan point. At this point, I'll need to wait for Will's return to see what the feasible options are, but we will need to accommodate code snippets. Thx. T4.
Is there a formal term for non-integer (possibly irrational) calculations as currently being discussed where the integer modulo arithmetic is a subset? i.e. a proper term for "generalized modulo" arithmetic? T4. (an inquiring mind ...)
this RSS thing is a bit new to me (remember my age) so I can't really offer intelligent comments here ... other than I am very keen on getting some of these newer communication tools as intuitive as possible. Will and I will chat upon his return ... I'm a novice so it would be nice for a very intuitive treatment of the facility. Thx for the comments. T.
this is a classic case of a topic where i won't express an opinion ... i'll let Will with your good guidance make the final call. T4
actually the main contact form will change with much fewer required fields and simplified. If we maintain snail mail stuff, it'll be only to get a sense of where these people are from and not to mail to them and we'll figure out the right balance of info. FYI, for Blogger rights, we'll likely require some more info as it offers greater priviledge ... T4
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