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@acer OK, rad (or radian) seem to work for my purposes but ...

 fyi "arcdeg" as a unit does not seem to work in Maple Flow 2022 ... unless I'm entering it incorrectly ...

type 2
press Ctl+Shift+U
type arcdeg
type +
type 1
press Ctl+Shift+U
type arcdeg
type =
press Right Arrow
Function turns Red

No worries however as Rad (or radian) seem to be doing it for me.

thanks everyone for the help.


Converting degrees to radians is not what I was looking for ...

I'm attempting to specify a wavelength in radians... for instance ... (1/4) lamda = (Pi/2) radians.

Radians is a "unit" ... just like feet or meters or  whatever ... right?

So to clarify my question is  how to specify that the numbers unitis are in radians ...

Sorry for the confusion.


@Samir Khan Thanks Simir for the help. As a new Maple Soft userI'm really enjoying learning Maple Flow 2022.

My remaing questions on this topic ...

A - Since the Common Symbols Palette is mising in Flow 2022 is there a  place in the doc's that list them all and the key strokes to create them manually ... other than the obvious, of course like equal, not equal, greater than, less than, etc ...

B- I can't imagine that it would be that hard to put the Common Symbols Palette in Flow 2022 ... is it?

I'm guessing the code is already written so shouldn't be much more than a cut and paste ... right?

Since the Common Symbols Palette shows up in the online manual when one is searching for info about using Euler's Number e (even though I guess it is in the  "Maple" online manual and not the "Maple Flow" online manual) I would suggest you guys strongly consider doing a simple version update ... or offer the Common Symbols Palette as an "extension" or whatever.

I think it would avoid some confusion and possible frustration amoung new users who bought Maple Flow 2022 having not owned Maple.

Not a deal breaker for sure, but bring it up with the team and see if you can sell it :-)

Thanks again for the help.


@Kitonum I searched Maple Flow Help and the MapleFlowUserManual.pdf in a variety of ways.

And upon your suggestion tried to search both for ...

  1. ?ScientificConstants
  2. ScientificConstants
  3. Scientific Constants
  4. ?initialconstants
  5. initialconstants
  6. initial constants

With no hits. I'm interested if I may have execuited your suggestion incorrectly?

Let me know.

BTW, I'm running Maple Flow 2022 on a Win10 Pro PC.


@Samir Khan That did it. Thanks!

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