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I did not know it.

Very interesting...

Many thanks!

My output of: java -version

java version "1.6.0_11"

Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_11-b03)

Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 11.0-b16, mixed mode, sharing)


Your jre version seems a bit different from mine... (is it a 64 bit version?)

However, I'm not saying that I solved the problem of printing with cpus/linux in Maple 11, I only reported a personal successful try and I cannot even exclude that using a version of the jre different from that bundled (and tested) with Maple 11.02 may cause other serious problems.


Best regards


(Gabriele I.)

I've just substituted the jre that comes with maple 11.02 with jre6u11, downloaded from (I unpacked the jre and, after making a backup copy of the original files, I put it in the maple11 installation directory, renaming jre1.6.0_11 jre.IBM_INTEL_LINUX). Now printing seems to work fine... I'm using Maple 11.02 for linux 32 bit, build 330022, linux kernel, glibc 2.7, cups 1.3.8. Be careful: try this procedure at your own risk!!! I do not assume any responsibilities whatsoever for any damages!!!

I don't see why Maplesoft should change its naming scheme, so linear and clear. I like it and I don't believe that the use of Microsoft naming strategy could improve Maplesoft marketing.

Mathematicians, physicists, engineers and scientists in general are not superstitious (at least, I hope so) and Maple 13 will be a fine name for them.

Thank you very much, Jacques, for your kind and valuable reply.

Your answers are deep, sharp, well documented and very useful to gain a wider and wiser knowledge of Maple and of what is related to computer algebra.

Thank you again!


Gabriele I.


Thank you for the link, Jacques, it has been an interesting and useful reading.

I'd like to ask you two question, but, please, feel free not to answer me if you find them unpleasant.

1) If Gonnet had taken control on Maplesoft on 1994, do you think that Maple development in the next years would have been very different ? Would Maple and Maplesoft be very different now ?

2) I'm just a simple user and I don't know (except for some basic concepts like those found on Maple Programming Guides) how a CAS works internally, I don't know algorithms and programming tecniques to build a software like Maple. I read that Gonnet said that "code ages" and I found his statements convincing. You are an early developer of Maple, a power user, a tester and one of the greatest experts of CA in all the world: have Maple and other CAS significantly changed internally or are the differences in their engines quite small and simply new features have been built on top of them ?

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Gabriele I.

I partially agree with you.

Probably also in Italy Mathematica is more known than Maple among physicists, but nearly equally among mathematicians.

However, I think that the difference is not very big, moreover in the latest years Maple seems to have gained terrain.

In the libraries of my University (Florence) the books about Mathematica are perhaps more common, but an introduction to Maple and Maple programming is actually included in some courses.

As for me, I feel more confortable with Maple.

Thank you, Roman, for your kind reply. I don't mind too much about "hacking around in Linux" nor about the small screen, my main concern is about the speed of execution of Maple commands and plots, since the cpu of EeePc, even if it is a 900 MHz Intel Celeron-M ULV 353 processor, runs only at 630MHz to save power consumption, i.e. it barely fulfils the minimum system requirements. I don't expect too much from an EeePc, I'm just considering to use it as a powerful CAS and graphic calculator , but I wondered if it was too annoyingly slow to use it for such task... Your answer has quite reassured me, thank you!
Do you intend to use RBG color model, so that black=[0,0,0] and white=[255,255,255]? In this case, look at ?colornames for more informations.
I read some time ago two different posts in this forum: the first was about how to zoom Maple plots and the second was a complaint about Physics package documentation. So, I've got two suggestions for Maple 12 (or 13): 1) Implement the capability to zoom the plots with the mouse rescaling them, i.e. redrawing them with new ranges. My old Casio calculator had a nice box zoom utility for 2d graphs, very quick to use. 2) Physics package has various examples and its commands are all documented, but I would appreciate a deeper, clearer and comprehensive documentation. Many thanks. Best regards. G.I. (albatros)
I agree that a full disclosure of the code would make the software more reliable and suitable for scientific research purposes, but: 1) Maplesoft is a commercial entity, what would be its business after releasing all the code? Do you know an alternative business system that would permit to Maplesoft to go on? I think that donations and plans of assistance are not suitable... 2) Maple is not only a tool to make scientific research, it is exploited also for commercial purposes 3) Various Maple packages are already open source, only the kernel and some packages are not 4) Everyone is free to write a Maple clone and run Maple packages on it 5) Are you sure that the community development model will produce a better product, so plenty of features? 6) Of course Maplesoft could make Maple only open source and not free software, but are you sure that no commercial company would steal the code and use it in a closed source product to sell at a much lower price? 7) There are already free software packages available, like maxima or scilab, if a good programmer with good skills in mathematics wants to give his contribution he can help the developers of these projects. I appreciate very much open source and free software, Maple, Adobe Reader and Nvidia drivers are the only closed source softwares on my linux box, but there are some situations, like that of Maple, in which I think that a different solution is more advantageous for all. My suggestions for Maplesoft are: 1) Keep packages open source as much as possibile, i.e. whenever showing the code doesn't damage the Company business 2) Keep prices low for those who use Maple for non commercial purposes, if possibile even outside academic environment for strictly private use 3) Offer much lower prices for those who live in poor countries (i.e. African countries) Best regards. G.I. (albatros)
Actually, as far as I know, there is no way to change background color in standard interface, but for me writing for a long time on a white background is very unpleasant and my eyes get tired quite quickly, so I often switch to classic interface where it is possible to change the background color. So I suggest to give to the user the chance to change all the colors of the interface quickly and easily.
??? Assuming that we can represent the pizza with a cylinder of radius z and height a, its volume should be approximately Pi*z^2*a... Ah, wait, now I understood the joke!!!!!!!!!!! :):):) Pizza!!!! Ah, ah. ah!!! Very nice!!!
Thank you for your kind information.
I am running Maple under Linux 32, I upgraded to Maple 11.01 Build ID 303882 and I obtain the same output from kernelopts(version) . Perhaps the update is related to packages and libraries, but the kernel has not changed...
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