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With a career spanning supply chain operations and designing IT systems infrastructure, Alex has returned to his "mech eng roots" and is now Technical Marketing Manager at Maplesoft, providing useful resource material for the Professional Markets product team, and staying up to date with the ever-changing use of math and engineering software tools in automation and design.

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@Anthrazit The short answer is - not at this time.
The text formatting and WYSIWYG layout features typically used in Mathcad 15 worksheets are a good fit for the available functionality and "immediate evaluation" found in Maple Flow, and you might want to try that product first. The batch migration isn't able to create content into Maple worksheets at this time. If you have a large library of Mathcad15 documents to convert, please reach out to our engineering solutions team. Depending what worksheet elements are important to keep, they may be able to suggest other options.

"How does someone gets access to the Migration Assistant? Is it a new tool/part of MapleFlow?"

@pa2k21 Maplesoft has a few ways to help if you have a large amount of Mathcad15 files. That could be working with our engineering services team or using a batch approach (Migration Assistant tool), but it depends a little on the complexity of the Mathcad docs and your exact needs (whether you are able to use some of the new Maple Flow features and commands vs the Mathcad method). The best next step is if you are a corporate user of Maple Flow, please reach out to your account manager to discuss the options. Other users can get started by talking with Maplesoft Customer Service.
Hope that helps!

@tim_finks awesome result - there are so many plot options to choose from!

I find that I can troubleshoot if I made an error with the variable definition by moving the container that has the definition above or below the lower evaluation.
The Maple Flow 2023 release has the wonderful addition of the Variables palette that keeps track of all defined variables!

@C_R  @eithne There are a few enhancements in MapleSim 2022.2 that make it easier to manage and update subsystems, and I’m glad you have been exploring them and found them useful. There are a number of planned subsystems developments that may get released in 2023, so we had planned to complete the documentation updates in one round at a later point.
Here are the details of the new 2022.2 additions

  • PORT LOCATIONS –When generating a subsystem, you can specify which side of the subsystem icon that the port location will appear (top, bottom, left side, right side). As you draw the connecting line, you can right click to see a menu popup with the 4 options to create a connector. You can edit a port location to show on a different side of the subsystem icon by right clicking on the connector when viewing the subsystem icon. When there are multiple port connectors for a subsystem, the port locations will appear on the subsystem icon based on top-to-bottom and left-to-right sequence.

  • SUBSYSTEM BOUNDARY – a dotted line boundary appears around the borders of the subsystem model view. When a connector is dragged to make contact with the dotted boundary the cursor will highlight as green to show that a connector port can be created. The side of the boundary used will then match with the port location on the subsystem icon. The boundary line can be toggled on/off using the “Show Subsystem Boundary” option from the MapleSim View menu (or by right clicking on the subsystem model view).

  • SUBSYSTEM AUTORESIZE – A new button offers a faster way to arrange labels for subsystem ports for a cleaner looking layout. When subsystem port labels are created, the Subsystem Autoresize button can be used to resize the icon size and shape to make optimal spacing for the port labels. Connectors and the matching labels will be aligned in priority of top-to-bottom and left-to-right, making space for longer labels. The button can be used after moving a port from one side to another to tidy up gaps in icon view.

We hope the above helps you make use of the new enhancements when managing subsystems.

I tried the calculation too and like @Christopher2222 it provided f=100.00 as long as I entered it in the order you showed. When I moved the Rc:=R2 container to a different part of the screen, since it evaluated top to bottom, it did not have the value for Rc and gave your result. So suggest either arrangement, or otherwise maybe you can check all the fields are Math 2D / Numeric?

For copy/paste - I have same challange in multiple lines of text at once, although you can copy/paste equations from another Maple Flow workbook (or the embedded example gallery pages), so if you can build up templates might save time.

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