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With a career spanning supply chain operations and designing IT systems infrastructure, Alex has returned to his "mech eng roots" and is now Technical Marketing Manager at Maplesoft, providing useful resource material for the Professional Markets product team, and staying up to date with the ever-changing use of math and engineering software tools in automation and design.

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I tried the calculation too and like @Christopher2222 it provided f=100.00 as long as I entered it in the order you showed. When I moved the Rc:=R2 container to a different part of the screen, since it evaluated top to bottom, it did not have the value for Rc and gave your result. So suggest either arrangement, or otherwise maybe you can check all the fields are Math 2D / Numeric?

For copy/paste - I have same challange in multiple lines of text at once, although you can copy/paste equations from another Maple Flow workbook (or the embedded example gallery pages), so if you can build up templates might save time.

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