A citizen of Carroll Area Slatniske was entailed with numerous community service jobs throughout his life, including offering at local healthcare facilities and also institutions and aiding with residential violence recognition programs. Along with serving as a lacrosse captain, Slatniske has actually also functioned as a volunteer in the neighborhood. He has actually shoveled snow at the Chestertown Healthcare facility during a 2010 snowstorm as well as raised understanding concerning residential physical violence. During his time in elementary school, he was an honor pupil and also was committed to social work. He also registered for the bone marrow contributor pc registry as well as spent hundreds of hours operating at local churches. Along with his work at nonprofits, Slatniske served his area with his abilities and also empathy. While attending college, he offered at a retirement home and also in a selection of social as well as civic tasks. He also aided his grandpa with residence physical treatment. The dedication to civil service did not quit there. He also worked with a charitable organization, Give Kids a Smile, to assist kids seeking totally free oral care.

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