Now, the very first point you'll observe about your new personality is its level and also its ranking. The former is stood for by the white number on the reduced appropriate edge of the personality card. Meanwhile, the latter is represented by the number of stars on the card. The most essential of these 2 criteria, nevertheless, is the level. However, rather than providing them more stars as their proficiency boosts, this specification is represented by the existing stars becoming red in color. In this feeling, a rank 6 character with a level 2 proficiency is stood for by 6 celebrities, 2 of which are red while the remainder are yellow. While this parameter does not enhance their stats very much, it will certainly raise their max degree cap as well as unlock brand-new abilities. In this feeling, while a personality's level plays a crucial function in the device's. overall toughness, their ranking will bestow them with enhanced abilities.

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