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Motorcycle rental Quy Nhon
Motorcycle rental Quy Nhon

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MOTORCYCLE RENTAL Quy NHON - CHIEF Address: 06 Nguyen Nhac, Quy Nhon City Call Now: 0984.276.302 - 0934.943.902 ?Discount on manual car 60k/day, scooter 110k/day ?? My car rental price has 3 types: normal car 100k/day and new car 120k/day and 80k/day ?? There are 2 types of scooters: regular 150k/day and new 170k/day and 130k/day Renting multiple days or multiple cars always gets great incentives. ??Advantages: the price is affordable for young people from only 50,000 VND, there are many attractive promotions such as 15% discount for students, preferential rentals for 3 days or more, referring a friend to rent will earn points. so next time it will be free.

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