As an example, a player who finished Period 6 with 2,022 Stars (revealed as 62/120) would start Period 7 with 808 Stars (revealed as 28/80), with all 16 Upper bodies for getting to Rank 2 to 17 offered to case. The Battleship Breast's contents depend on the gamer's Rank, and also can consist of Unlock as well as Upgrade Tokens, 2 diamonds, Resources, Power Stones, Prototype Modules and Intel. Symbols, 2 diamonds and also 1 Intel are 100% guaranteed, when Resources, Power Stones and Model Modules are arbitrary. Battleship Chests are additionally opened upon reaching certain Rankings for the very first time in a season. To put it simply, the breast that the gamer gets is the respective upper body for the player's rank right after the battle where the gamer damaged the 8th Engine Area. At reduced Celebrity matters, the winner will get extra Stars than the loser will certainly shed. As the Star count boosts this loss in Stars will certainly level out and also at some point it becomes equivalent with the Stars gotten by the champion. In the event that the number of Engine Areas continuing to be are the same on both sides, the overall % of destruction is contrasted, with the greater overall % of damage winning. Keep in mind that this is counted based on the complete wellness of all structures on the Warship, so partly harmed structures will still count towards the overall.

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