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Hello everybody, I am a bit stuck here because I have the problem above, any help would be really appreciated.. E1:={{0,2},{0,7},{0,a},{0,b},{1,3},{1,8},{1,9},{1,a},{1,e},{2,3},{2,a},{2,d},{2,e},{3,4},{3,6},{4,8},{5,7},{5,a}, {5,e},{6,c},{6,e},{7,8},{7,a},{7,e},{8,b},{9,a},{a,c},{c,d},{c,e},{e,f}}; for e in E1 do e; end do; {0, 2} {0, 7} {0, a} {0, b} {1, 3}
Hello everybody, I have a question, any help would be really appreciated. Let me illustrate my problem with a small example. Say I want to define 1000 variables like this: x_1:=1; x_2:=2; x_3:=3; .... x_1000:=1000; That would be very tedious to be done by habd so I would like to use a 'for' to do that.. Is that possible? The code below does not work: for i from 1 to 1000 do x_i := i ; end do; Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance..
Hello everybody, I was wondering if one can find the minimal (or "irreducible") polynomial of a algebraic number. For example, x^3+6x+8 is irreducible. We do alias(theta = RootOf(x^3+6x+8) ); Then we are looking for the minimal polynomial of (theta^2)/2 for example.. How can we find this minimal polynomial? Is there a simple command in maple? Thanks in advance.
Hello everybody. I was wondering if I can do this with maple: Consider the ideal
Hello everyone, I need some help with this one: I need to write a routine that tests the irreducibility of a polynomial over the field Fp , where p is a prime. It should return TRUE if the polynomial is irreducible over Fp and FALSE if it's not. I can use the theorem below: The polynomial x^(p^n)-x is the product of all monic irreduble polynomials over Fp, of degree that divides n. So, any ideas? Thanks in advance for your time!
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