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Hello everyone,I'd like to ask a question. Using the "LinearAlgebra" package, is there a (automatic) way to create a matrix from the section of rows and columns of another matrix already in use? That is, we have A:= a 5X4 matrix and we want to create, let's say a 3X2 matrix from the elements of A that belong in the section of rows 2,4 and 5 and columns 2 and 4 of A. Ok, we can write a small routine, but I would like to know if there's a fast and straight way to do that. Thanks in advance!
Hello everybody,I am a newby and I need some help here quite desperately: We have a number, for example: 632096185 Is there a way in maple to make a list of numbers like that: [632,96,185] that is, cutting our number in the 3-digit numbers: 632,096,185 and putting them in a list? I want to have a list of integers and NOT strings.["632","096","185"] won't do (except if there is a way to turn strings into numbers like this "123"->123). Another question: I need to make a routine where the input is a list.Is there a way to make a procedure proc(L) where L is a list?! If not, any similar way?
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