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Techwaste Recycling
Electronic Recycling
Santa Ana, California, United States
TechWaste Recycling offers qualified electronic devices reusing, data devastation, devices destruction, as well as IT property disposition services to organizations seeking liable handling as well as disposal of digital assets. We are located at 1940 E Occidental St, Santa Ana, CA 92705 in Orange Area, California. We provide very same day eWaste pick up in your area and give electronic recycling across the country. Call us at (866) 637-6814. We help organizations securely and safely get rid of their e-waste, consisting of old office devices, lamps and also bulbs, batteries, as well as extra. We offer protected IT possession disposition, safe data destruction, and item devastation. Business can rest assured that their end-of-life equipment as well as information will not fall into the wrong hands. We offer free pick up of your old consumer electronics and also business equipment. We are certified to reuse your electronic waste.

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