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These are questions asked by farazhedayati

A quick question, Can I add legends to 3D plots? 


I have studied most posts about plot quality, still confused.


When I export 2d graphs and import the to microsoft word, the quality is horrible. How can I presents my results in a reseanably good way? 

what command should I add to my code that the quality increase notoceably? 

Any suggestion about 3d plots? 

If I export as an eps file, how can I import that in microsoft word? I did, but I guess they are not compatibble. 


thank you 

hi all,


Im trying to plot an exponential function which has 2 variables times a constant coefficient. like A*exp(-f(x,a))

When A gets larger, maples fials to plot a smooth curve! how can I solve this problem? 

please see the attached file. If rho grows to 0.9, in the first line, you can see when it gets bigger, the cosnstant coefficient of Eq. (7) gets larger rapidly and the plot goes crazy! 


Hi all


How can I make maple to write the values of each contour plot on the graph?

I have a 3d graph and want to have a contour plot in which each line have the associated value on it. I know I can use legends and input the values for each line by hand but I dont know those values. I just need maple to calculate the values and write them on the contour plot. 


Many thanks for helping me 


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