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Hi dear friends


I want to solve this equation with the foloowing boyndary conditions with maple. please help me to solve it


The nonlinear equation is:

 F' ' ' +27*F*F' '=0

And boundary conditions are:

 F' (infinity)=1

 F' (-infinity)=0

 F (-infinity)=0


thanks for your attention in advance





I have 10 equations and the summation of them will give me the answer but each of them have small numeric noises and the sumation of them makes the final result inaccurate.  For example the first equation is 

 Have to solve and ODE in the domain of [-infnity +infinity ] via specific analytical method but due to some restrictions it could not be solved. In order to solve it, I have separated the domain into [-infinity 0 ] and [0 infinity]. So, I have to add some boundary values at x=0 to the problem. Assuming the solution of the mentioned ODE in  [-infinity 0 ] is g(x) and in [0 infinity]  is f(x), I added the boundary values of f(0)=g(0)=a and f ' (0)=b and obtained f(x...



I have wired problems with maple !!!


I run a code twice, I get 2 different answers !!!


I have uploaded the code ! just run it twicw and see the numerical values of alpha and beta at the end ! new_idea_gf.mw

Dear friends


I want to plot a function with these coordinates in x and y directions where:





y=(1, 1.20603, 1.53769, 1.6, 1.77889, 2.74372, 3.49749, 3.9196, 4.43216,...

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