With LEGO(r) Bricktales, discover an ingenious brick-by-brick construction mechanic to design puzzle solutions from your own ideas. Your creations will be brought into the LEGO World where each problem can find a solution. Together with your robotic companion, you are set to embark on an exciting journey in a variety of LEGO diorama biomes. Your journey will take you into the deepest of jungles as well as sun-drenched deserts bustling city corner as well as a grand castle that dates back to the medieval age, as well as tropical Caribbean islands. Help the minifigures of these universes in solving puzzles as well as unlocking new skills through the adventure to explore these realms, and discover the myriad of secrets that they hold. Each diorama is equipped with a number of building options, including simple structures like markets or a music box stand, through more complicated physical puzzles like building structures like a crane, gyrocopter or other structures. Each spot gives you a unique collection of bricks. It's your choice to make a unique building. On top of specific puzzles and quests, there are more rides at the amusement park, allowing you to customize your ride to make it personal! Your great-grandfather, who is a brilliant inventor, has contacted you to help! His beloved amusement park is set to shut down as the mayor is threatening to shut down the park and seize the land when the needed repairs aren't implemented to bring the park back to standards. Your robot friend can help bring the park back to life using an alien-based gadget. The device needs happiness crystals for energy source. It is possible to make people content or resolve their issues with these joy crystals. By using an online portal, you can travel through different places around the globe to assist people as well as collect happiness crystals. Take on the ultimate build-up adventure, and also bring back your grandfather's amusement parks! A world-wide LEGO adventure. Experience a whimsical and epic trip across the globe filled with delightful dialogue and fun adventures to find. Wonderful dioramas with beautiful settings. Explore the five distinct worlds of story, and the amusement parks hub. All built entirely out LEGO bricks. It is possible to build your own masterpiece like no one else: Learn how to design the ultimate brick-by-brick LEGO building experience. Watch your work come to life within a 3D environment. Examine your abilities with a range of puzzles: Different types of puzzles are designed to make you test your building abilities. Utilize your engineering skills in functional physics-based puzzles to build an archway for diggers to cross an aquifer, or put on your designer hat on to create a magnificent new throne for the King, or create your own rides in the amusement park. You can master your building techniques through Sandbox Mode. After you have completed a spot of construction, Sandbox Mode unlocks. Then you are able to go back and create more using an expansive range of bricks that are available in various themes. There are plenty of things you can collect and unlock Find collectables in dioramas which could be purchased to buy amazing items, or even brick sets within the Sandbox mode. Make your character unique: Build your very own minifigure using a wide range of pieces and unlock new choices inspired by the different worlds that you explore as you move through the narrative. Reviewed by star wars sex comic

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