"Know through Heart ..."" is an experience that helps you how to deal with the loss. It's a mix of music and plot. The real-time gameplay, fantastic mini-games as well as the music, create an illusion of returning to the past. The players feel as if they are getting older and that it is quickly passing through the palms of our hands. The peaceful Russian village life can allow players to immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of the town. Misha The main character lives in a monotonous life-sucking job until the monotony is broken when his high school crush comes back to town. Misha finds hope in escaping from the daily grind for the first time since his teens. The brief, but turbulent incident in the life of the town is interspersed in the story of a gang of childhood pals coming back together. It's up to them to traverse the memory trails and renew their bonds, but their memories of the past and the very friendships between them get strained... They are some of the benefits. 5 hours of awe-inspiring adventure The post-Soviet atmosphere in a provincial town in the early part of the century An emotionally charged plot that includes non-linear elements and several endings The mechanics of the game represent memory and thoughts stored inside the brain of the protagonist An assortment of captivating miniature-games A piano track composed in the modern neoclassical style A nostalgic project directed by Ayrat Zakirov, CTO at Ice-Pick Lodge. The events of the game will take place in Russia. The main character, Misha, is about to reconnect with his childhood acquaintances after a long period of time separated. The group will get together with childhood friends, Misha, to revisit old times and discover common ground. But, the joyous reunion will soon be ruined because of something that's beyond their reach. A Review made by doujinshi hentai one piece

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