A Brief History of The Ripped Jeans Even if you’re not familiar with American Eagle, you’ve definitely seen their logo plastered on high school students’ backpacks since time immemorial. In an effort to revitalize their image and reestablish a more youthful identity, they launched a new series of jeans called Distressed Comfort, which includes some innovative design features that transform basic denim jeans into something unique and fresh. The Distressed Comfort collection includes ripped knee styles and even pants that come pre-ripped. The original American Eagle brand has been around for over 30 years, but it wasn’t until last year that they introduced their new line of jeans. The collection is designed to be trendy yet comfortable enough for everyday wear which means they can be paired with a blazer or worn while running errands in your neighborhood. They are meant to look like designer jeans but without all of the hefty price tag attached.

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