In the first movie, it is specified that Skynet was developed by Cyberdyne Solutions for SAC-NORAD. When Skynet obtained self-awareness, human beings tried to deactivate it, triggering it to strike back with a nuclear attack, an occasion called Judgment Day. All various other branches of the Resistance had heard as well as obeyed Connor's plea for them to stand down, so literally only a little part of the Resistance was shed to Skynet's trap. It is believed that Ashdown's death led Connor to be able to take command of the Resistance from him. Consequently, he intensely rebelled against Skynet, removing its controlling equipment from the base of his skull. Having actually run away the impact of his designer, he, in addition to Connor and also Reese, rescued the staying human slaves and destroyed Skynet's San Franciscan base. While a significant victory, the majority of Skynet's international network stayed undamaged.

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