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Hello there,

Im running a fairly big algorithmn with a lot of loops , the memory counter is showing 237.89M and its been running for a long time.

The memory usage has been constant for the last 40min, the time counter still going, and the status bar says 'evaluating'

Is the maple still running fine or has maple's or my computer's limit been reached?

task manager is showing a memory usage of 40% and CPU 12%


Hey all,

My question is better explained with an example

the algorithm I have here creates a matrix M[j] for each run of j.

I want to be able to export each of these matrices to a different spreadsheet and if possible, set up a naming critiria for each spreadsheet(so that I dont have to enter a name in the dialog box after each run)

Any suggestion will be really appreciated. Thanks



here's the example:

Whenever I use polynomial fit, its tells me 'Warning: there are zero degrees of freedom' what does this mean?

is it possible to feed maple with the input parameters and the results and get maple to find the governing equation?

hello there

I have an algorithm which perform set of computation(about 500 in all) fifteen time (for... end do) and ive included commands to pick only the values that i need and place them in an excel file.

Maple is printing all the values computed on screen ( all 7500 values!!)  before the little box shows up for me to input the excel filename.


how do i get maple to not print all these values on screen and simply ask me where to...

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