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This is what what i would write in Vb. how do I write something similar in maple?


For j = 15 To 27 Step 3
                For k from 1 To 3
                    Select Case k
                    Case 1

Hello there,


so i have a maple algorithms which produces about a thousand set of results. The algorithms produces about 7 values.. and this is iterated about 100 times.

Is there any way I could transfer all these values into a spreadsheet?

basically I want to end up with a speadsheet with the values from each iteration forming a row.


Thanks in advance!

Hello there,  How can I compile this? I used   boundarycompiled := Compiler:-Compile(findboundary)    but this didnt work. Thanks in advance


> findboundary:=proc(a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h)  ;
> global A,B,lowerbound,upperbound;
> A, B := solve(a = b, x), solve(c = b, x);
> x1a, x1b := evalf(solve((x-e)^2+(a-f)^2-g^2)); if x1a < x1b then minx1, maxx1 := x1a, x1b else minx1, maxx1 := x1b, x1a end if;
> x2a, x2b := evalf(solve((x-e...

How can i input two equations in maple and intruct maple to find the points of intersection? giving me the coordinates of each point

in a loop, how can i instruct maple to skip the loop if a condition is met?


for m from 1 to 10 do

for n from 2 to 11 do

if m=n, skip

else carry on with code

end do

end do

so that if m=n=4, maple will skip it to do m=4, n=5




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