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hello all,

i attach the worksheet. It shows an 'invalid object' error. i really cant figure out what is wrong. can someone have a look please?also, is there any way to get maple to point me to where it finds errors?

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Im  writing a loop which starts by solving a circle equation,  how do i instruct maple to follow another another set of instruction if no real roots are found?

im looking to do something like this

(x1a, x1b) := fsolve((x-h)^2+(eq2-k)^2-r^2)

if real roots are found, do this

else, do something else

end if

I hope im clear enough on what im asking. If not, please let me know.



Can someone help me please? I cant find what is wrong. thank

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hey all

I want to write an algorithm similar to this but instead of ''w1:=a+h''   I have to put about 75 commands. how can i do this?


Can someone help me please?


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