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when using slideshow tool (F11), it just show the first page and arrows for going to other pages does not work. is it a bug?

hi. i want to show steps of a limit solution, but maple says it is unbale to show. could anybody help?

how can i plot outside of an sphere? for example x^2+y^2+z^2>1 ? tnx for help

i have a function,when using fsolve to solve it, it has two roots. when i substitute it into the main function, it has some residual and it is not exactly 0. how should i remove the residual ? i do not want to use "solve" command and i should use "fsolve" command. tnx in advance







.2113248654, .7886751346











hi, i have an expression "f" and i want to substitute the expression with Square root with another namee like phi, how should i do that? i should not use solve commands since the expression is more complicated and i have just pick part of it. tnx in advance.









factor(simplify(f,{sqrt(6*beta[11]^2-8*beta[11]*sigma[11]+12*beta[12]^2-24*beta[12]*sigma[12]+4*sigma[11]^2+12*sigma[12]^2) = phi}));

Error, (in simplify/siderels:-simplify/siderels) side relations must be polynomials in (name or function) variables


simplify(algsubs(sqrt(6*beta[11]^2-8*beta[11]*sigma[11]+12*beta[12]^2-24*beta[12]*sigma[12]+4*sigma[11]^2+12*sigma[12]^2)=phi,  f))

Error, (in algsubs) no variables appearing rationally in pattern


# i want sth like this :






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