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I need to solve general linear programming problem with multi-precision support. What are my options with Maple 2020?



what is the commonly recomended way how to switch between maple and matlab symbolic engine at matlab. I am using Matlab R2019a + Maple 2019.1 with Maple toolbox for Matlab. After instalation of Maple toolbox for Matlab, the Matlab is able to use only (!!!) Maple symbolic engine. The only way I found to go back (to the Matlab symbolic engine) is by uninstall Maple toolbox and reset matlab path.

Is there any more flexible way how to switch between maple and matlab symbolic engine?

P.S. Sorry for asking, but the actual maple toolbox documentation is very brief and unclear...

Because Debian Linux is not officially supported by Maple, I would like to know if is there anybody who is able to provide following information:

1. is possible in principle to operate Maple 2018-2019 on Debian 9 Linux?

2. how to install Maple 2018 or 2019 on Linux Deian 9 (Stretch)? Are there required some specific Tweaks and Hints?

Thanks in advance for any help...

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