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Hi all,

I am attempting to have the piecewise function

Render using either mathML or Letex in maple, using the syntax:

f := piecewise(-Pi <= x and x < 0, 1, 0 <= x and x < Pi, 0);

la := latex(f);

mml := MathML[ExportPresentation](f);


Unfortunately, as you will notice the latex produces some really annoying "and" words amongst the code.  While the MathML produces some equally annoying "&wedge;", and symbols, amongst the code.

Any help would be appreciated.




I am trying to get Maple to display sin2(x)  rather than (sin(x))2.  In particular I am trying to have it output the latex for the prior using latex(sin^2(x) , output=string), or similar.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.





Hello all,

I am looking for a maple command to do the following

#outline of idea, is a user would pre-define a number of rows and a single Matrix command would automatically generate a Matrix based on the data the user provides.

numRows:= ;#user would enter a number here

row1:=[1,2,3];  #user enters data for each row



#user will enter a few more rows to match numRows, specified above

Matrix([[row1],[row2],[row3],....,[rown]]);#this matrix command would be generated based on the above entered data


I was thinking some form of counter could do this?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I would like to remove asterisk * from a string....

such as...



Any ideas would be appreciated???

I am attempting to build a text field at the bottom of this worksheet  that asks users for the resistance.

I am hoping to have the value of the text field evaluated using the Module() at the bottom of the startup code, for use as a question within MapleTA.  For some reason I can get the code to work for a slider, but not a textbox.

I have limited knowledge about startup code.

Notice: I will be removing the resistance from the diagram for students after I know it works.

I appreciate any help that can be offered.

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