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I am a Mathematica user trying to make the switch to Maple, so first of all I apologise if I am making a stupid mistake here. The complete script is attached below.

I have the following line in my script:

    b := Trace(map(diff, HermitianTranspose(W), coords[1]) . map(diff, W, coords[1]))

W is a matrix defined earlier in the script. I can provide the context if it would help but I'm not sure if it's relevant to the issue I'm having. The problem is that

    simplify(b) assuming real, r>0

gives a vastly different result to

    simplify(Trace(map(diff, HermitianTranspose(W), coords[1]) . map(diff, W, coords[1]))) assuming real, r>0

How can this be? What can I do to make Maple simplify the expression correctly?

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