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@Markiyan Hirnyk Thank you so much for your help :)

@Alejandro Jakubi Thanks Carl and Alejandro for your help. As pointed out earlier, after converting to D, Maple considers it as a constant. But unfortunately I found that this is not the only problem occuring in my program. I will take some more time to look in to the details and will report back here if I can make my problem precise. Many thanks again for your sharing your knowledge.

@Alejandro Jakubi Thank you for your reply. I am quite new to Maple and dont know much about it. Please explain your answer and tell me how to make any given function constant (just curious). I dont understand how to get DBG> promt?

For current purpose, I only need df(x)/dx |{x=1} to be constant function under the integration.

@Carl Love  There are many processes invlolved in the program and after all of this I receive an output invloving       d f(x)/dx |_x=1  (df(x)/dx evaluated at 1). So I cannot replace it. Thanks!

@Alejandro Jakubi Thank you so much for your help. :)


@Alejandro Jakubi I need different output. This is what I will get by split command as you mentioned.

4*Int(f(x),x=0..x)+4*Int(y,x=x..1/3)+ Int(x*f(x), x=0..x)+Int(x*f(x), x=x..2/3)

This is what I need.

4*Int(f(x),x=0..x)-4*Int(y,x=1/3..x)+ Int(x*f(x), x=0..x)- Int(x*f(x), x=2/3..x)

I have highligghted the differences i.e positive should turn in to negative signs and limits flip.

@Alejandro Jakubi Thank you for your answer but split commant would not work for me. Check the question again.

@Preben Alsholm Thanks you som much for yyour help. :)

@Carl Love Thank you for your response. Can you please take a lok at it again.

@Preben Alsholm Thank you for your response. Can you please take a lok at it again.

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