Tile and grout cleaning is one of our least invasive yet most popular cleaning services. For the average person, cleaning all the tile and grout in a particular space is a matter of hours. Rug Cleaning Houston, however, is equipped with state of the art cleaning rotaries that cut the job in half. We'd loan them to you, but you have to be certified and trained, just like our cleaning technicians are. If you have a rug in good condition but no longer want, Luv-A-Rug has a solution for you.Bring your rug to us so we can clean it for free and donate it to organizations like WIN and Habitat for Humanity that would love to sell them and raise funds for their worthy causes. Your carpet will be only slightly damp to the touch after your cleaning. Most carpets typically need 6-10 hours to dry completely.However, it could take up to 24 hours to dry depending on the time of year your carpets are cleaned, and the air circulation, humidity and temperature in your home.

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