Adriel Wallick Part of the explosive popularity of Among Us comes down to how easy it is to pick up and play. The COVID-19 pandemic had many looking for games that they could play remotely with their friends, which is a niche that Among Us was built for. The social deception title brought tons of friends together, with fans quickly finding ways to implement voice chat into the game via proximity chat. Among Us was a slow burner game for sure, that may have never found the success it now has without the global pandemic keeping everyone at home. At the top navigation menu, click Store. Then on the search box, type Among Us and it should pop-up in the drop-down suggestions.Click the game’s icon. This will redirect you to the dedicated page of Among Us on Steam. Then scroll down a little and you should find the option to add it to your cart and purchase the game.You will also have the option to purchase it as a gift for someone else.You can download the official game application on InnerSloth’s official website here. But that too is only playable on the Steam platform.

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