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Each design project comes with a charming set-up — for instance “after graduating from college, this marine biologist was thrilled to find a job right here in the area” and she wants you to “design a coastal living room for her charming seaside home.” It also comes with specific stipulations — include “five coastal items,” for example, or “pair a modern Arhaus bed with a black metal desk.” Run low on funds, and you’ll find yourself unable to fulfill the challenge or else committing unforgivable aesthetic crimes, like pairing a red tartan rug with a tie-dye pouf, because that’s all you have in your inventory. End up in this situation and you’ll be met with a lowly 3.5 star rating and your own shame spiral. This mobile game offers more than just home designing; it also gives puzzle-lovers something to think about. The game involves you working with clients to decorate their homes how they want and solving puzzles to unlock different activities like virtual renovating and flipping, decorating, and building. It is only available for Android users, so Apple fans will have to sit this one out.

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