Maple ranking

May 15 2007 JacquesC 2321
I must admit that I have a lot of fun looking at the evolution over time of the Maple Rankings. I'll use this blog entry for some commentary, because it's fun to record these snapshots. But first, a suggestion and a pet peeve. Suggestion: I would like to be able to get to the ranking page in less than 2 clicks (someone's rank, then the 'here' link). Then the pet peeve: 'here' links! Go read well-designed hyperlinked pages (Wikipedia being generally good); you'll notice that click 'here', 'link' and other such mechanisms are almost never used. The links are actual words in sentences, structured so that things flow. This is good style. Note how the point information page does not flow. Or the recent post about the latest maplecast - bad web style again. Compare that with say the main Maplesoft page and the difference is clear. I will actually start the commentary in a reply to this, to keep this blog post useful for ongoing commentary.

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