Collecting Maple code

February 01 2007 JacquesC 2321
Steve Forrest and I are building a static analyzer for Maple code. What we would like is some kernel bound self-contained Maple code. In other words, we want code that does not depend on any Library functions, just the Maple language (and itself). Static analysis is already quite difficult, we have to start "small" and build up. Later, we will allow certain library functions -- essentially kernel-bound library functions first (call these 1-functions), then functions that only depend on those (ie 2-functions), and so on, until we can deal with n-functions for n large enough. Right now, kernel-bound code only, please! If you can either post a link to code I should look at (as a comment to this blog entry), or email me (on the site or "carette at mcmaster dot com"), I would appreciate it. All code sent to me will be used purely as test cases, and nothing else. Please tell me how you wish your contribution to be acknowledged (or not) in whatever paper we may write on this topic.

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