Question: Is my Maple stuck?

October 19 2012 Adonis34 0
Maple 16

Hello everyone, new member here. I've been working with Maple 16/Mathematica 8/Matlab to find the determinants of some symbolic nxn matrices (a1,1 a1,2 etc). Matlab is able to do them quite easily but when they start getting too large it starts truncating them down to 25000 terms. Mathematica works like a charm but I want to beable to verify the results with Maple. Maple does great up to 7x7  but at 8x8 it seems to also truncate results like Matlab and past that is stays Evaluating for hours on end. The memory nor the time move. The memory stops at around 1400-1500M and the Time at 40-60s. It's odd for me since I'm rather new to Maple. Thank you for your time.

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