Question: Where is the problem? Why I cannot pointplot3d?

October 26 2005 Jean Jacques 148
Hi Maple's experts: (I am using Maple 10.01+WindowsXP ) Given 2 set of numbers x=[1,2,3] and y=[1,2,3] I generate a third which is the addition of x[i]+y[j], as follows: > restart: > with(ArrayTools): > x:= Array([1,2,3]); > y:= Array([1,2,3]); > zxy:=NULL: > for i from 1 to 3 do for j from 1 to 3 do zxy:= Concatenate(1,zxy,Concatenate(3,Array(x[i]+y[j]),Array(x[i]),Array(y[j]))): end do end do: > print(zxy); #I cannot see the "data" > print(zxy[3]); # I see the third line > with(plots): > pointplot3d[{zxy}]; #I cannot plot HERE..."zxy" contains what I want. But I have the following doubts and problems: 1. Is there available some other synthetic way to generate "zxy". 2. Why is that I cannot print the values of "zxy"? (I suppose I am not using the proper type of variable). 3. Why is that I cannot "pointplot3d" "zxy"?. Thanks for your help. Jean Jacques
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