Question: Implied Multiplication Question

August 21 2005 Tim Erickson 92
I'm wondering if a Maple guru would comment on the behavior of Implied Multiplication. I was working through an exercise with Maple and ran into the following behavior. Initially I had this: limit(sum(3((1+3*i/n)^3-2(1+3*i/n))/n, i = 0 .. n), n = infinity) = 231/4 which didn't look right since I expected a different result. Ater messing about I tried looking at the operators and when I did this: limit(sum(3((1+3*i/n)^3-(2)*(1+3i/n))/n, i = 0 .. n), n = infinity) = 195/4 I got the answer I expected to see. [note that Maple Primes has distributed the 2 inside the brackets above. In my document it is 2*(1+3/n)] Note that the only difference is the implied multiplication between the 2 and the bracket. The implied multiplication between the 3/n and the bracket makes no difference in the result. My question is: why would the location of an implied multiplication produce different results depending on its place in the statement? Any insight? Thanks Tim I've fixed the math boo-boo that Alec pointed out and attached the 2 gif files of the original statements
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