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Of course, with Maple.

See Wiki and the description  in flame_draves.pdf for info and an example below.

A very big data was imported by me through

data := Import("");


I need to convert it to Vector/Array. Now its type is "string":


Here is my unsuccessful attempt:

Error, invalid input: `convert/Vector` expects its 1st argument, V, to be of type {Array, Matrix, Vector, array, sequential}, but received 3.0994584798345

What is the total number of the characters in "Vanity Fair" by William Thackeray?
How to determine it with Maple, making use of StringTools and EssayTools? I think an electronic version of this novel is free. 
AFAIK, there are about 600 personages in "And Quiet Flows the Don" by Mikhail Sholokhov.

PS. It happened to me to collaborate with Dr. I. Kulchytskyi on text analysis, but the asked problem is new for me.

PPS. Here is a link to the plain text.



How to find the integral of (x+y)/(x+y+z) over the part of the unit ball  centered at the origin which lies in the positive octant { x>=0 , y>=0, z>=0 } ? Numeric calculations suggest Pi/9.

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