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I'm trying to create a small app for Maple Player to graph solids of revolution. When I run the app in the desktop version of Maple T.A it works, but when I move it into the Maple Player App it crashes. Any ideas?

What is maple player? and what are its main features? (minimum 3)

Maple Player seems like it could be an outstanding piece of software, yet with the new operating system for Ipad, the program crashes immediately. I am unable to find any solutions. I also stumbled across a post in which Maplesoft is no longer providing support for the APP. Is this true?

¿Que es el MaplePlayer, y en que consiste? por favor especifique su respuesta

I would like to be able to read Maple manuals and the AEM book that I have bought on the ipad. I can understand that I will not be able to run the commands. But it woud be nice to read through the different sections while reclining on my bed. Hope that you will make it possible.

Hello. It World be greate if you could ad a maple file viewer to the Maple Player for the IPad and similar products. It is a greate tool when you are on the move and do not have you pc with you to do the calculations on. I use Maple a lot at my studies at the university of southern denmark, at when I talk to my study mates about a problem, it would be greate to be able to open maple files from you pc on the ipad. I save my documents to my Dropbox, so I always have then nearby....

Hi and thank you for looking.

I have recently begun advanced maths and need help with maple. Is it possible to input an algebra equation and have maple rearrange it to make it a different subject?


I am new to maple and maths again so any help much appreciated. 


Also can maple for example if I input 6 equations could it or is there a way to get maple to pick two like equations out of them.


Thanks again, Danny 

Is possible to plot two or more functions at the same time in the iPad's application?

Is possible to plot two or more functions at the same time in the iPad's application?

The iPad is a very exciting device and it has been gaining broad adoption from our academic and professional customers alike. It was a logical step for us to bring Maple technology to this platform.
The Maple Player for iPad is now available in the Apple App Store. It comes bundled with ready-made interactive Maple documents, covering topics like integration, differentiation, computing...

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