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Hello all,

I am pretty new to Maple, but I am trying to understand something. I was able to find a numerical solution to a PDE in maple (with some community help, thanks guys!). I am trying to manipulate this data but am struggling with it. I thought if I could take this data to matlab it would be pretty easy for me to manipulate and do what I want. 

So my question is: How do I export my numerical solution (pds module) to matlab. Just taking the data is okay. I know you can evaluate the data at some points. 


I see there is "Matlab" command that converts code, it doesn't seem to like pds as an input though.

I also see an export matrix command. I guess it could be possible to create a matrix of plot data and convert it this way?


I had to do a change of coordinate system to solve the PDE because of boundary conditions. I'm trying to transform this data back to my regular x,y coordinate system to see if it matches some other simulations. 

Thanks in advance! And here is my file.

Setup(mathematicalnotation = true):

V(Z, f);

If function ( varphi) is defined, use this one.

PDE1 := subs[inplace](x = xi*varphi(t), PDE1);
If function ( varphi) is defined, use this one.

PDE1 := subs[inplace](t = 2*vartheta*(1/omega), PDE1);




Consider the following two test procedures for creation of the same module:

createModule1 := proc(dim::posint)
        export det;
        det := (x::Matrix(1..dim,1..dim)) -> Determinant(x);
    end module
end proc:


createModule2 := proc(A::Matrix(square))
    local dim;
    dim := RowDimension(A);
        export det;
        det := (x::Matrix(1..dim,1..dim)) -> Determinant(x);
    end module
end proc:

as well as the following code lines calling these:

createModule1(       2 ):-det(IdentityMatrix(2));

The first line executes unproblematically, while for the second line an error results concerning the dimensionality check 1..dim,1..dim of the matrix. Why is dim available/initialized in the first version, while not in the second?

 from galois group function's result?                                     

g[1] := (diff(a(t), t))/(t^2-1) = 1;
g[2] := (diff(a(t), t))*(diff(b(t), t)) = 1;
dsolve({eq2, eq3});
sys := DiffEquation([g[1]=1, g[2]=1], inputvariable = [b(t)], outputvariable = [a(t), b(t)]):
ts := 0.1:
t_sim := 10.0:
#in_t := Sine(1, 1, 0, 0):
#in_z := Sine(1, 1, 0, 0, samplecount = round(t_sim/ts), sampletime = ts, discrete):
in_t := t:
sol := Simulate(sys, [in_t]):
p1 := plots[odeplot](sol, [[t, a(t)]], t = 0 .. t_sim, numpoints = 200, color = red):
Error, (in DEtools/convertsys) unable to convert to an explicit first-order system
Error, (in plots/odeplot) input is not a valid dsolve/numeric solution

would like to draw the graph of x^2-1

with below sys instead of x^2-1 

sys := {-(1/2)*(-x-1+sqrt(-3*x^2-2*x-3))*(diff(y(a, b), b))/x^2+(diff(y(a, b), a))*(diff(y(a, b), b)), (1/2)*(x+1+sqrt(-3*x^2-2*x-3))*(diff(y(a, b), a))/x^2+(x^2+x+1)/x^4, (1/2)*(x+1+sqrt(-3*x^2-2*x-3))*(diff(y(a, b), a))/x^2-(1/2)*(-x-1+sqrt(-3*x^2-2*x-3))*(diff(y(a, b), b))/x^2+(x^2+x+1)/x^4};


I have a .mpl file containing some procedures and other code.
When I open the file, everything is placed in a single execution group
(I use 1D math, worksheet mode).

Is it possible to have distinct execution groups?
For example, after each two blank lines (or other separator) in the .mpl file.

The same question when using .txt files as Maple input (in this case the code being not executed).

Thank you.

f2 := (diff(y(a, b), a)-(-(1/2)*x-1/2+(1/2)*sqrt(-3*x^2-2*x-3))/x^2)*(diff(y(a, b), b)-(-(1/2)*x-1/2-(1/2)*sqrt(-3*x^2-2*x-3))/x^2);
f := collect(expand(f2), [diff(y(a,b),a),diff(y(a,b),b),diff(y(a,b),a)*diff(y(a,b),b)]);

Given some points, how do I find the polynomial/exponential function best matches them?

points are:[[1030, 0], [380, 34], [270, 73], [240, 150], [85, 700], [22, 2000], [12, 5000]]

And here is a image too.


How do I multiply the 4x into the summation to get  (Sum(4*n*a[n]*x^(n), n = 0 .. infinity))  and same idea for the 3rd third?

Also, how do I go from   Sum(a[n-2]*x^(n-2), n = 2 .. infinity)  to  Sum(a[n]*x^(n), n = 0 .. infinity)  by manipulating the indices?

Is there any way to include EVERY possible, relevent function in the context sensitive menu?  I know this would be a lot so there will need to be submenus. 


Hello, I'm new to Maple and have a problem with making some electrical engineering.

I miss the unit VA (volt-ampere) which is used in AC. Maple won't recognize it and when I type it separately it changes to W (watt).

Hope someone can help me, thank!

By the way, how do you insert "Maple Code" in here?


When I execute the command


and then refer to the equation in a new execution group using a equation label (CTRL-L on Windows), the equation is shown in Maple 18, but in Maple 2015 I get an error message: 'Error, missing operator or ';'. Using the % instead does work for both versions.

Is this intended behaviour or a bug in Maple 2015?



how to plot ln(sqrt(x-12)/(-x^(2)+15x)

Whenever I try to plot I get 

"Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; complex values were detected".


Hi everyone--my differential equations course is using Maple; this is my first time using the program and I am a little cofused. 

In a lab component we are told to take the differential equation " dy/dx = sin (x - y) " and substitute in y = ax+b, then determine which coeffecients of a and b should be in order to obtain a solution.

I have made many attemps at this substitution, but am encountering syntax errors no matter what I do:


I know the general equation would be written in Maple as




..which presents no problems for me, format-wise, and generates a nice output.

However, any iteration I've tried with substituting y = ax+ b has resulted in an error like those shown in the linked image above; I'd really appreciate it if someone could explain how I would do the substitution and maybe what I'm doing wrong, syntax-wise.


Thank you for your time!

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