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  Excuse me, I have a following expression


  I want to replace all x as x+1

x:=x+1 does not work.

Is there any simple solution?


Thank you very much in advance




   here are  equations like this

 sol := [abs(r)^2+abs(t)^2 = 1, r*conjugate(t)+t*conjugate(r), abs(r) = abs(t)]

when i solve this equations using command solve,the result  is none. and i used r=x+I*y,t=u+I*v in the equations,

sol:=[u^2+v^2+x^2+y^2 = 1, 2*u*x+2*v*y, sqrt(x^2+y^2) = sqrt(u^2+v^2)]

i still can't get a result.why,can you help me.



Hi there

I am stuck with the expression


> e := (3+2*sinh(x)^2)/(sinh(x)^2*tanh(x));
                               3 + 2 sinh(x)  
                              sinh(x)  tanh(x)

its simplified way, which i cannot find, is

> f := 3*coth(x)^3-coth(x);
                            3 coth(x)  - coth(x)
> simplify(e-f);

I would appreciate immensely if someone could give me some pointers on how to solve it.


best regards





I will a write program in maple for plot the function f(x),while asked value n from user at first,then plot function f(x) for each value of n and finally all plots show in one figure only for different value of n,how to do it?


Dear Maple Users,

I'm beginner in Maple.

I have this system of Pde:

with lambda experimental parameter and n,c,v dependent variables. I write this on Maple but I read on internet that the solution "float(undefined)" is an error.

I will insert this initial condition: c(x,0)=0,n(x,0)=0.4

Thanks everybody


how can I  construct a Permutationgroup with given GroupOrder and Degree.

for instance: GroupOrder 12 and Degree 5, I found by accident


Best Regards


Kurt Ewald

The toggle button in the embedded components has a default image which points up and down. Is there any way to rotate this image so that it points left and right?  I though I might actually just rotate the default image gif(?) directly, but the properties window does not give the location of the gif(?) used for this image. I also can't locate the image file simply looking at the Maple program folder. Otherwise, I have to go find or create an image of my own.

The search operation on both questions and posts doesn't work. I get the same set of results for both, and the same results regardless of the search term.

When I login and then create a question or post and click submit (or preview), I get a new request to login, and, after I do that login, the originally entered message body has been erased.



This returns a Vector that satisfies the above condition. What's the most efficient way to get the indices of those entries?

For example, a list l:=[2,3,4] that correspond to the a[l] entries that satisfies the above condition.


a[l]; # gives the same answer





hi maple-friends !

who can help me??



i want to extract (export) the data of let me say the function y=x^2 ...

the result shpuld be:

without the variables !  (x=)   (y=)

1         1

2         4

3         9

and so on...

that means just a matrix...of numbers.



and waht i have to do if i need more values, including non-integers as x (example: x=1.1, 1.2,1.2 ... )

sorry, im a maple beginner and a lot of the advices in the books are not very helpful !!!   maybe only written

for experts ??   so by the way, does anybody know about a REALLL good BEGINNER-book for maple?

thanx a lot !   :-)


Let x:=2*[x_1,x_2,...,x_n];   y:=3*[x_1,x_2,...,x_n]; If I input x+y, it will turn out  5*[2x_1,2x_2,...,2x_n]; But I want to get  5*[x_1,x_2,...,x_n]. What should I do? Thanks!!

Hello everybody,


I have to solve a non linear equation using a numerical method. I use a loop after each iteration, Maple keep the results in memory instead of release their in variable. So calculation time is very long and the memory goes up.

Could you help me to improve the calculation time ? In fact, I would like to store results in a list and maple erases each intermediate results.


Thank a lot




I am wanting to write a procedure to take a square matrix and have it output a spiral matrix.

for example; M:=Matrix(3,[[1,1,1],[2,2,2],[3,3,3]]);

would turn into


Starting in the top left corner and each row follows around clockwise until you reach the middle.

My first thought was I need to be able to call each element (m_i,j) from a matrix and tell it where to go. I could write a different procedure for each square matrix assigning where the elements in the matrix each should move to. Since I could not get it to work for n.

Here is what i have for a 3x3 matrix

Spiral := proc(a1,a2,a3,b1,b2,b3,c1,c2,c3)
local M,S;

It is very difficult for me to find information about Matrices in Maple. Any hint on using Maple would be appreciated. Thank you.

Dear all

is it possible to solve bilevel optimization problems in maple?

            min F(x,y)

     s.t.    min G(x,y)

        s.t.   k(x,y)<=0

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