Question: Can anyone suggest some non-routine class projects for a Calculus II course using Maple?

December 05 2012 15
Maple MapleSim

I'm looking for several challenging projects for a Calculus II course using Maple which I'll be teaching in Spring 2013.  By challenging I mean that the project will have several steps including both conceptual and computational aspects.  I'd also like them to be suitable for group work if possible.  I'd be willing to devote from 3-5 class periods for each of three or four different projects.  Our Calc I and Calc II are five hour courses which meet daily for 50 minutes.  Topics for these projects could be applications of integrals, techniques of integration, first order separable d.e.'s, series, and polar coordinates and conics, i.e. all of the standard Calc II projects.

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